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Who Inspires Us?

Simon Sinek

The Science of Starting With Why

Neuroscience has proven that people don't choose to work with you, or buy what you're selling because of features or functions or your credentials or experience.  They choose to work with you because they feel a connection to you.  And, that connection grows from having a shared "why."  


Whether you're a solopreneur or the CMO of a Fortune 100 company, we can help you create deeper connections with your viewers by telling the story of your why, as it plays out in the narrative of your customer's life.

Because, "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." + Simon Sinek

Nancy Duarte

From the "I have a dream" speech to Steve Jobs' iPhone launch, many great talks have a common structure that helps their message resonate with listeners. We integrate these concepts into every video we make.

Watch Nancy Duarte's TED talk.

The Secret Structure of Great Talks


Jim Henson

I had the great fortune to work with Jim Henson for eight years. Jim was a

great mentor and role model. He knew how to work with crew and talent.

He put everyone at ease on a set and listened to his crew.

Jim made you all feel you were a part of something bigger.

Jim gave me the opportunity to direct after being at Henson for three years. I showed Jim videos I had made and talked to him about technology that was coming out at that time. We discussed productions that were coming up, and I then directed some shorts that were shot in the New York Studio.









The eyes are the critical element with the Muppets. Placing the eyes on a puppet is a real art. It's is all relative to the other dimensions and features of the head. They give life and character to the puppet. In art, it's called the golden ratio. The puppet shop calls it the golden triangle. Following the rules and the puppet looks alive and connected. Play with the position and size of the eyes and position and size of the pupils, makes the viewer feel connected, comfortable, scared or just silly.  Good actors do this automatically — some not. I know one director that spends much time telling actors when to move their eyes left right up or down. It can enhance a scene or time out a joke. Sometimes I use my ping pong balls with a rubber band around my hand to plan out shots and eye-lines in front of the camera. 

Great Article on Jim Henson

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Our Process

Our Step-by-Step Production Guide

Your plan will vary.


Meet & Discuss


Review Goals


Your Ideas and influences


Who's watching?


What do we need to learn?

Flashes of Brilliance

Take some notes,

come back with something great!

Present Our Pitch!

Pre Production

1st Client Approval


Put it all in a 

Production Book


Craft Story/Script


Mood Boards,



or Create a  

Anamatic video

w/Temp Visuals, VO, and Music


2nd Approval


Make Adjustments

as needed


Tweak Budget

and Schedule


Audition Cast


3rd Client Approval






Lights, Camera

and Sound


Shoot, Quiet

on the set!


Direct and Motivate


One client voice

for on set notes


Did We Get It All and more?


Backup Data




Backup Data Again



Make Edit Magic


Client Review notes from everyone at once!


Make More

Edit Magic

Make short and Social Media Versions


Did we give the client More than 



Client final Approval


Final Payment





Social Media 



Check in with Client,

is strategy working?





Red Carpet Screenings


Live Stream



Enter and win Awards


Let's Work

again Soon!

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