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We make emotionally engaging, platform-appropriate,

corporate, social media and broadcast,

videos and commercials. 


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Our Clients

Where do NY branding agencies go when they need help with their own branding?  

We helped Manhattan based consumer products branding agency, Toniq, craft their brand story and focus their messaging.  


First, we held 4 branding consulting sessions where we learned about Toniq and its founders.  Second, we created a story outline that was the foundation of this video. Third, we shot the video, on location in Manhattan.  Finally, we edited the piece, using custom music and graphics.  


Our client is thrilled, and so are we.

How can I grow my practice and improve my patients' experience, without spending more time with each patient?  

Pensacola based Neurosurgeon, Dr. Mark Giovanini, knew he must grow his practice.  With increasing competition and a commitment to staying independent, growing his patient load was imperative.


At the same time, he wanted to create a deeper sense of connection with his patients, who often felt their short appointment times seemed rushed.  


Using an integrated Digital Media campaign that included this video, Dr. Giovanini has increased his revenue by 400% and improved his patient satisfaction ratings.  


We're pretty happy about the result and so is

Dr. Gio.

How would you describe what Superman does.... so it's believable?  

Dr. AJ Robinson is a little like Superman.  His work seems superhuman.  Dr. Robinson's strategy consulting practice in D.C. focuses on helping others achieve things that seem unachievable. Impossible.


Our challenge was, how do we make doing the impossible, seem possible, when it's led by Dr. Robinson?


Our solution:  This video.


Yeah, he's Superman.

What does this Fortune 100 CMO have to say about our branding work for him?  

"HOLY CRAP!!!! WOWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Not only is Jeffrey Hayzlett a former Fortune 100 CMO, he is a best selling author, speaker and television host, so he knows a few things about marketing and production.  So when Jeff said, "I love it," it made us a little teary.  It makes us happy when our clients are happy.  We're pretty passionate about them and our work.




When the Jim Henson Company needed Facebook Videos, to build awareness to an upcoming series who did they call?

David directed, shot,  edited and came up with a design for the look of the Mom and Chester's world. Based on the best selling children's book, The Kissing Hand. Facebook videos had brand identification, a dynamic look and text on the screen to prompt viewers to turn up the audio. Henson had 57,000 likes in just 4 days. We're looking forward to what comes next!






When a local Day and Med Spa 

came to us to boost sales on Valentines Day, they got more than they expected!

With our designer, we came up with a clean spa look, branded with the look of the spa. David storyboarded and made an animatic to have the client evaluate what the spot would look like before we shot. Casting local actors and two of our children, gave it a national commercial look at a regional price. We created a spot with an uncluttered timeless look. Their Valentines sales have gone way up!  As a bonus, the timeless look will let them use it for many years!